Can I play online?

Yes! You can play the world’s biggest lotteries from anywhere. We offer daily and weekly draws from across the world, all online!

How will I win?
Small rewards will be credited to your account, and big wins will be claimed in person. All winnings are commission-free!

Is playing lotto online safe?

Our pleased consumers can vouch for the safety of your online play. We protect your personal information and account transactions.


Are you sure LottoSmile isn’t a scam? Let us address your concerns and assure you that LottoSmile is completely secure. LottoSmile is a well-established, respectable enterprise with a global consumer base.

LottoSmile is an unaffiliated third-party lottery ticket seller. We are not affiliated with any official lottery body or run our own lottery. LottoSmile has been allowing customers to buy official lottery tickets online since 2002. The idea and process are simple. LottoSmile connects you to your favorite lotteries, giving you the chance to win the biggest jackpots, the latest draw results, and the latest lotto news.


With LottoSmile, you can play the lottery online and see if you won prizes. We’ll send you an email whenever you win. Likewise, your LottoSmile private account will be updated with the draw details and your win in the Wins section.


LottoSmile has a lot to offer:

Syndicates: These allow players to pool their funds to buy more lottery tickets. All winnings are divided based on each player’s contribution. See our LottoSmile syndicates review for more information.

Bundles: Users can save money by combining personal and syndicate tickets.

Each purchase earns players VIP points that allow them to join one of five VIP levels. Players will receive different rewards based on their level. These perks include up to 20% discounts, exclusive lottery promotions, and personal account management assistance.


To get free email notifications when your favorite lotteries’ results are published, go to My Account, click Alerts, and select Results Alerts. You can edit the list by adding or removing lotteries.

To receive an email whenever a jackpot reaches a certain amount, go to My Account, Alerts, and Jackpot Alerts. You can edit the list by changing the jackpot amount or opting out of receiving email notifications.



All LottoSmile winners will be notified via email. From here, they have two options:

Self-Claim: Players can self-claim their prize. They must travel to the country where they won the lottery. A LottoSmile representative will greet them and hand over the winning lottery ticket. The winner must then claim their winnings.

LottoSmile Claim: Instead of claiming their own winnings, winners can ask LottoSmile to do so. To claim the prize, the winner must provide all required information to LottoSmile. These winnings will be credited to the winner’s player account once paid to LottoSmile.

Is LottoSmile permitted in India?

Indians Can Play Powerball Online

And it’s all safe on LottoSmile. They can play the Powerball lottery from India on, and our local agents in the US will buy the tickets from authorized local retailers.